A capable and proficient developer with a successful 40-year track record in project delivery

“We are an extremely knowledgeable team of professionals who have worked together for many years. We specialise in challenging and complex situations, and deliver sites that are ready for development, even in the most difficult cases.”

Charles Collier

C.B. Collier offers a property development consultancy, backed by years of experience and a dynamic team. Lead by Charles Collier who has over 40 years construction industry experience, the team as a whole are enthused by favourable conditions in the marketplace that make this a prime time to invest


To provide investors with top-level experience and knowledge enabling them to maximise returns for any development opportunity


“At C.B. Collier, we like a challenge because that is what we are good at. I have been in the industry a long time and have successfully developed many projects and had 100% planning application success since 1997. In that time, we have gained consent for over 5,000 residential units, 1.5 million square feet of offices and 1,500 bed spaces of care, predominantly on brownfield-remediated sites.”

Charles Collier


AT C.B. Collier, our core strength is dealing with complex and difficult sites. This is supported by extensive knowledge and experience throughout the team. Difficult sites can involve resolving issues over demolition, remediation, contamination and site access, with an understanding of the specialist surveys required to deal with environmental and ecological issues. 


Services provided by C.B. Collier include:

  • Site assembly and acquisition
  • Remediation and brownfield site planning
  • Planning and section 106 negotiation
  • Conditional contract, option negotiation and promotion agreements
  • Project leading and delivery of sites
  • Site promotion
  • Site disposal


“This is an industry I have been involved with and successful in for more than 40 years. We are pleased to observe a number of positive changes which are very supportive of our industry; Vacant Buildings Credit, Mortgage Backed Guarantee scheme and the Right to Buy scheme are the key element. I am convinced that this is the most opportune time in the property development market we are likely to see for many years.”

Charles Collier


The core team at C.B. Collier consists of Charles, Paul and Sally. 


Charles Collier: With over 40 years experience, Charles leads the whole of the C.B. Collier team. Solution-driven and pragmatic, Charles is innovative with the way in which projects are approached whilst making sure that investors get the best returns out of opportunities.


Paul Dyson: Paul has worked with Charles for 15 years. Having worked in the military, Paul is astute and very detail focused. Paul is experienced in approach, strategy and commercial project management as well as security.


Sally Topham: Sally has worked with Charles for more than 10 years. With extensive experience as a solicitor (non-practising), Sally also has a very hands on commercial background and corporate governance understanding.

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